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Robin Cruise

With my paintings I want to remind people of the diverse and beautiful world they already live in and that it is worth protecting.


“You can best understand nature with great gratitude for life. Because in the end, that's exactly what it is: a gift. With my pictures I want to create awareness for beauty and convey positive feelings and energy. They are my very direct expression of appreciation for our environment. The openness of my art makes each individual's own associations of experiences and experiences of the natural and animal worlds visible.    


The expressive shapes, colors and motifs give a clear “yes” to life. They are a declaration of love for elusive, but immediately noticeable aesthetics of the abundance of nature and a life in harmony. Life is worth living, our world is worth protecting. Let's go on a journey of discovery together. "  


Robin Cruise is a visual artist from Hamburg. He has been surrounded by art since he was a child and comes from a family of artists. His art shows the beauty of nature in a decelerating and special way.  

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