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Iconic fauna



Past times proclaimed a strict role and status image. Clerics were allowed to be immortalized in certain poses and portrayals, and for a long time it was considered a breach of style to imitate similar things with normal members of any tribe.

In the modern flood of photos, ancient discussions about forms of representation, norms and rules seem almost strange. Quantity has long since replaced quality.

But can the core of the discussion possibly still provoke today? Is the pose or the figure the scandal? Is it allowed to put an animal in the center of the picture and composition? Is it justified to portray an animal in a human-like way?

Robin Cruise realizes in elegant form and shimmering materials animal portraits that can be understood as homage to animal - icons.  

Animals as icons of our time

canvas-mockup-with-a-customizable-background-2513-el1 (6).png
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