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Graphic idyll

Discover idyllic beauty

The longing for an idyll with the greatest possible harmony and peace is great. At times, however, an idyll is also characterized by the fact that it is considered a utopia. Utopian conditions can inspire, but also irritate.


After all, they digress from often brittle reality to such an extent that they are considered unattainable.

What are the colors of an idyllic sunset, which is immediately perceived as beautiful, but is so different and utopian far away, because a realization lies outside the explicable? What color combinations trigger what kinds of positive and negative feelings? How do reactions to color environments vary among different people?

Robin Cruise dares to step out of all that is familiar and imaginatively paints of an idyll that focuses on aesthetic forms and coloration as a consistent recognizable feature.       

canvas-mockup-with-a-customizable-background-2513-el1 (7).png
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